209 Window Tinting, an old client with a new banner.

Its always nice to have old clients come back after they realize you will always treat them better than the next guy, just trying to make a few bucks off them.  That is what I really never understood, if one could provide a great service at a decent price, why is it people are always looking save a few bucks and go with an unknown.  I am by no means saying that I am know, I am saying that for the most part I will bend over backwards for my clients happiness.  Ask my wife, she is always telling me that I don’t charge enough for my time.  I know I don’t, its that fine line.  Anyways, haha, just had to rant a little, here is an old client that knows he shouldn’t have left in the first place!  209 window tinting banner This is a 4’x3′ banner that will be shipped off to print later this week.


~ by vezdesigns on April 26, 2010.

3 Responses to “209 Window Tinting, an old client with a new banner.”

  1. The grass may be greener but it still has to get mowed. 🙂 Always nice when clients come crawling back isn’t it?

    • Especially when they know they made a mistake in the first place and now you have to fix their problem! lol. I was looking at your work the other day and I thought to myself, this chick must be a scrap booker, lol. Than I saw that you were and it explained your style to me. Do you still scrap book?

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