“T” it is kinda Taboo.

The “T” I am talking about is Testosterone.  Testosterone is an important hormone made by the body. In an adult male it helps maintain:

  • Sex drive and sexual function
  • Muscle mass and strength
  • Mood and energy levels
  • Bone strength
  • Other

Who wouldn’t want these effects on them from steroid treatment to raise their levels of “T”.  I mean if people are allowed to augment their body’s with silicone or face lifts and what ever else lifts, why is it such a big deal.  Steroids have such a bad stigma, but the fact is every one has used a form of steroid in one form or another.  Most Asthma inhalers are a type, I mean if you want to see how common they are used in everyday products go to the IOC’s website and look at their list of banned substances. I dont condone the use of steroids to anyone, especially teenagers, but why paint Steroids as a monster and then try to sell it to the elderly as product under the name LOW T???


I think its funny the very age group that they target for this treatment happens to be the age group that the majority of our law makers.  The same people who point their fingers at the Athletes of today and punish them are also using the product that they are condemning.  Isn’t that stupid?


~ by vezdesigns on May 20, 2010.

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