IPad and sitting

Boy I wish my iPad was sauna proof! I bet I could sit all day in there and just get nothing done. I have found many positions that the iPad beats a laptop, as far as comfort. For one, sitting on the toilet and trying to type is next to impossible, and trying to surf the Internet laying down is tough too. You can’t turn the screen in a visible angle and have it in a position you can scroll and or type like yup can on the iPad. But best of all, you don’t have a hot laptop burning your legs while you try and position the screen in a comfortable position to do your catching up.

Another thing about this ipad thing is how many of the apps are integrated with each other. For example, you only need one contact list, period. All of the apps including the various email apps I use draw from the ipads main contact list. So when you need to email someone, you just click email and select them. Super easy.

Anyways time to get out of here and get the kids ready for bed, I think I am gonna put this down and get my fat ass to the gym tonight.



~ by vezdesigns on June 3, 2010.

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