Face Painted Dia De los Muertes T-shirt from Zazzle.com

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Face Painted Dia De los Muertes T-shirt from Zazzle.com.


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Here are some of my new designs and Items on my Zazzle account.  These are perfect for the rugby player in your life or if your just a fan!

Go to http://www.zazzle.com/vezpolo* to purchase these items

iheartrugby t-shirts are available

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Click here to buy.

iheartrugby t-shirts from Zazzle.com.

New clients banner.

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Keeping it simple for this one.  I was able to find a decent sized picture to be able to blow it up and fit on a 3’x4′ vinyl banner.   I know that its been a week or so since my last update, I am finding it hard to figure out what to write and post.  What I need to do is is just start having fun and messing with pictures again.  I will tell you that I have had a chance to work with a demo of the new Photoshop CS5 and some of the new features are amazing. Content Aware is going to save a bunch of people alot of time, thats all I really have to say about that.  I also noticed that the program runs quite a bit quicker and filters run run faster as well.  Once I win the lotto, i might go ahead and buy CS5.  In an attempt to make this short and sweet I will also add a small video of my one year old getting her dance on.  I thought it was funny! 

Tattoo Artist Paul Garcia, Devil’s Ink…

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You wanna know whats tough? working with thumbnails for pictures!  I guess after the fact, I have to sit and laugh a little at the job I pulled off.  This set of cards was pretty much anything I wanted it to be, its nice when an artist trusts you to design their identity.  I tried to stay in the dark side of the tattoo realm, which pretty much means black and red.  I also wanted to show off some of his colorful work.  All I have to say is that he loves them!

Paul Garica, Devils Ink

Here are some plainer versions he is also going with.

I now have an online appointment setting program!!!!

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Look over to the right of my page and you will see a button the says “BOOK NOW real time”.  I really hope this helps me get to the next level, which is still a few levels below the level where I would like to be at, lol.  In my search to become a more legit artist/businessman ,I am always looking to find something to help streamline my time.  I know sitting in front of a computer most of the day, that its pretty easy to get distracted from getting work done, as well as keeping track of what need to be done and who need to be seen.  In this search, I found an online “FREE” scheduling program.  Clients can click on the link/button and pick and choose what time they would like to set an appointment.  You can customize your hours of operation by the day of the week as well as make up set prices for your services that the client picks from before setting the appointment.  You get an email when the apt is set as well as a reminder the day before, plus you can always go online and check out the calender online anytime you want as well as from your iPhone.  There are a few things that cost money if you want the upgrades, like text message reminders, or keeping credit card info on file and a few other things.  All in all, if this free application get me a few clients, it will be well my time.

If you would like to check it out go to   http://www.genbook.com  and see for yourself.

209 Window Tinting, an old client with a new banner.

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Its always nice to have old clients come back after they realize you will always treat them better than the next guy, just trying to make a few bucks off them.  That is what I really never understood, if one could provide a great service at a decent price, why is it people are always looking save a few bucks and go with an unknown.  I am by no means saying that I am know, I am saying that for the most part I will bend over backwards for my clients happiness.  Ask my wife, she is always telling me that I don’t charge enough for my time.  I know I don’t, its that fine line.  Anyways, haha, just had to rant a little, here is an old client that knows he shouldn’t have left in the first place!  209 window tinting banner This is a 4’x3′ banner that will be shipped off to print later this week.